© 2019 by Deon Sanders.

"Healing the world, one heart at a time"


Pain has been a significant part of our human existence since the “fall of man”

Evolutionist teaches that pain is how we as a species have survived, our brains are naturally wired to remember or recall painful events more so than happy events and moments to keep us reminded of how to avoid or prevent certain pains from reoccurring. It is also helps gives us creative ideas to invent things to help us avoid, prevent and cope.

As a people we have been unable to process pain in a healthy ways because we are socially conditioned to “keep it moving”, if you ask 20 people today how they are feeling, all will more than likely say what, “I’m ok or I’m good or I’m blessed, but the reality is they just lost a loved one, can’t pay their rent, just had a miscarriage or a abortion or just lost a significant relationship or a job. Or just found out the kids not theirs or some other heartbreaking realization and or event. Regardless of the issue that causes the pain we simply choose to avoid it and allow it to go unaddressed. So you ask what’s wrong with doing things this way? See unaddressed pain causes a decrease in productivity and healthy functionality. It manifest itself in bitterness, anger, resentment, hatred and closed mindedness.

We see this play out in the lives of our people daily. A person falls in love, person gets their heart broken and hurt and pain is intense, the person uses every vice known to avoid the pain because its painful. They avoid and they attempt to forget and for a minute it works until it doesn’t. Then you find yourself angry, not trusting others, no being forgiving towards others and etc because you have unaddressed pain coming from untreated wounds. That’s why you can see so many “successful” people making “unsuccessful” moves because they are being pulled by their pain.

Your pain speaks and when we do not listen the voice gets louder, causing more chaos within our world. Only in American culture we are taught to avoid pain at all cost. And we are also one of the most violent cultures as well. Have you ever asked yourself why? It’s because America was built on “unaddressed” pain from the slavery, genocide, police brutality, mass incarcerations of its people.

That pain now speaks; it speaks in forms of hatred, racism, bigotry, suicide, mass shootings and the election of President Trump...

The reason why our Black communities are not as vibrant and productive as our heritage and ancestry speaks is because our communities are dealing with unaddressed pain.

Pain from being Black, pain from being a minority pain, from being poor, pain from being left out or left behind and pain from not having privilege. Pain from growing up without food, pain from abuse and broken relationships and childhood bullying. Pain from seeing friends and family members gunned down by police and gang members. Pain from seeing your mother beaten by your father or pain from simply being a minority in a Trump ran America. All of this pain but no proper healing. All of the open wounds but our communities have no first aid kits. It is time for us to stop allowing our pain to kill our productivity. It is time to step up, address our issues, clean our wounds, stitch them up and push through that pain. We have to become masters of it, so that you we can use it to make us and the world around us, BETTER???

Thanks for reading......