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"A Mother's Love"

“A Mother’s Love” As I was sitting in the car thinking of a way to honor my mother today for mothers day and her 51st birthday, I am reminded of the importance of the survival of certain relationships or blood ties. We live in an age where we have been conditioned to be at peace with cutting ties with family members such as mothers n daughters falling out, fathers and sons fighting and dissolving those relationships for generations to come. We celebrate this as the perceived survival of the hurting individual. Sometimes in that moment it is. However we don’t realize that when we cut ties with our mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers, we rob our future bloodline of the strength, support and legacy needed to elevate our position, power and access to privilege. See my mother and I haven’t had the best relationship. I grew up mostly without any parents. And it wasn’t because she didn’t love me or my father didn’t want me it was simply because she and he could were not in a position mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually to raise a child. I had great uncles/aunts and a babysitter named Ms. Boyd. Who held positions as caregivers and earned the title father and mother. But these titles came without the love needed to fully manifest the love required to raise a child in a healthy way. However, I was always gifted with prophetic insight that gave me emotional and mental support needed to survive. It also gave me the ability to see beyond the moment and see deep into the mind and heart of people. This allowed me to recognize the importance of certain familial relationships and blood ties. See as a man, I have always believed and still believe that, It is my duty and spirit responsibility to provide a legacy, a family and a blood support system for my seed. It is my job to provide as much access to as many levels of love as humanly possible to maximize my seeds ability to obtain greatness. It was with this conviction that I fought through the years of empty love from burdened caregivers, years of self hatred and isolation, fights, missed special days, abusive behavior, radical religion and most of all missing love, to ensure that I did not allow the pains of her past or neither the pains of mind, hinder our ability to give my seed every aspect of love possible. So we healed. And we healed. And we are healing and today I am honored and blessed to have my Mother in my life, in my heart, and in my spirit forever and always. I did not have a grandmother but my children will, I did not have parents but my children will, I did not have innocence but my children will and they will be all they are destined to be because my mother and I have cultivated the love and the relationship and will continue to strengthen the love they will need to be great. Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I know this isn’t traditional but it’s with love ❤️

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