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"Broken Lenses"

No one is born into the world with a preset worldview or perspective. We ALL enter in, fully impressionable, lacking sight and awareness. These things are developed as we grow, connect and are nurtured and cared for.

“How our parents, caregivers, family and friends treated and cared for us back then, molded and developed how we view the world, how we view love and relationships today.”

Social Learning theory states that we learn by what we see and we see by what we experience. I would like to add that those experiences shape our perspectives and our perspective control our thinking and our thinking controls our behaviors.

As children, our survival is based upon the resources of our loved ones. The level of usage of those resources Helps builds or tear down the ability to trust and form healthy supportive relationships.

So what happens when a child is wounded, abused, molested, neglected? These traumatic experiences cause a different world view and perspective to be formed.

“When the lenses are broken the sight is obscured”

At the moment of violation, a child’s innocence is taken and a unhealthy worldview is established. So the child no longer sees the world as safe, explorative, loving and supportive. The world is now cold, distant, tit for tat, filled with conditions and rejection...that child then begins to utilize its pre-developed intellect to make sense of the traumatic experiences and a core belief is formed causing the child to view themselves as less than, to be the blame, not valuable or unworthy. As the child matures in life without any positive representations of love presented with unconditional patience, the child becomes adult and that adult deals with symptoms of seeing the world through broken lenses.

When the lenses are broken, though they may be attractive to others, they see unattractiveness in themselves. They perceive love as sex, intimacy as manipulation. They believe love is worked for and trust is a figment of their imagination. They use their bodies to connect and fill voids left by wounds of the soul. They fight for love and acceptance at the expense of themselves. They contribute to the happiness of everyone, except their own.

When the lenses are broken, nothing can be seen clear or received without error. For when the lenses is broken only the shattered pieces have visual ability, things are bent out of shape, exaggerated, unconnected, and unreal.

When the lenses are broken it must be removed and replaced so obscurity can be removed and the person can then see that they are worthy of love and it wasn’t their fault and that people can and will love them with their flaws and all. Then love and light will shine through without limits and restrictions covering every area of life and bringing into manifestation a clear, authentic self, prospering and thriving into better. Now ask yourself, are my lenses broken???

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